Thank you Giżycko

Giżycko was the home to 55 competitors from 12 countries during the Raceboard Masters World Championships.

Full schedule!

Two plus two was the plan and two plus two it was today in Giżycko.

It was worth the wait!

55 windsurfers started of the day by looking at a totally flat, sun bathed, lake in Giżycko with the wind speed averaging at around 3kts.

Just crusin

Not enough wind today for racing, but the organiser's from Ekomarina Giżycko invited all the competitors on a cruise around the nearby lakes

Consistency is the key

Lake sailing is very tricky, a lot of changes in the whole fleet, so I think it will be most important to sail consistently somewhere in the front – said defending Champion Patrik Pollak

Day zero, as we like to call it

Day zero, as we like to call it, here at the Masters in Giżycko Poland gave a chance for some of the sailors to go out and practice, others just chilled around the host club Ekomarina.

Here come the Masters!

46 competitors from 12 countries have so far registered for the Raceboard Masters in Poland. The regatta will take place between the 15th and the 20th of May and will be held in Giżycko.


There can be no doubt that Giżycko is truly extraordinary, a place ideal both for living and taking your leisure.

Giżycko ready to welcome raceboarders

With just one week to go till the end of the early bird discount for the Raceboard Masters in Giżycko, Poland - now is the best time to register for the event.